The Most Advanced Intermodal Drayage Trucking Software

TruckerZoom is The Only AI NAtive Drayage  Trucking Software

TruckerZoom streamlines your dispatch processes, increases visibility, and enhances communication throughout the entire transportation process.

TZ route+ is the workflow of TruckerZoom engineered with the goal in mind to keep clear equipment traceability as well as clever visibility of costs and revenues at the route/mission level to enable true meaningful analytics.

TruckerZoom is the Fastest
Trucking Software in the Industry

Leverage AI Insights

Intelligent Delivery Order

TruckerZoom introduces our latest tool: Intelligent Delivery Order, designed to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. Leveraging machine learning and AI, this tool integrates with the TZ cloud platform, streamlining your drayage and truckload operations.

It digitizes standard forms into orders, automating requests to cut administrative expenses and minimize errors. Contact us or start using TruckerZoom free today for a smarter way to manage deliveries.

Streamline, save, and succeed!

Automated Dispatch

TruckerZoom empowers drivers to effortlessly claim available loads and pay. If some loads remain unclaimed? They're swiftly directed to a secondary elite driver group.

By the last free day, any leftover loads auto-transition to pre-pull, dynamically adjusting rates based on driver availability, all showcased directly in the driver's app. No dispatcher intervention needed!

TruckerZoom software  prioritizes by grouping drivers using their past performance, safety, and pay metrics.

Always Get the Best Rate

Quote Engine

TruckerZoom Quote Engine

Creates rates to customers and calculates pay to drivers, all in one place. Customer service reps, sales agents' quotes are tied directly into the orders as they are received.

Quotes can be tailored

Per region, per customer, and historical rate trends displayed give a view of the past - assisting decisions for the future. Easy set up and update.

Granular level of customization

Adjust your rates up and down while leaving specific rates unchanged. Never have discrepancy again between quote and invoice.

Manage Everything From TZ-Admin

Bookkeeping Tools

TruckerZoom's Intermodal Drayage TMS also includes powerful bookkeeping tools;

Granular level of customization

Issue invoices, record payments, both accounts receivable & payable, outstanding invoices reports, bank statement reconciliation, customizable chart of accounts, drivers' scheduled deductions and more...

Desktop and Mobile App Ready

Drivers weekly settlements viewable both on desktop and on drivers' mobile along with payment details to the settlement including deductions.

Drivers and Dispatchers Connected in Real Time

TruckerZoom Mobile App

TruckerZoom Mobile is the driver's virtual office. Beside load tenders it includes text, voice, video chat, advanced scanning solution, weekly settlements and payment details, copies of company insurance cab card, insurance documents, daily logs, and access to the company loadboard through TZ AI Dispatch Assist.

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Eliminate YARD Checks With TZ Route+

TruckerZoom Route+

Whether the mission is a drop, a pre pull, a live unload, an empty pickup, an empty drop at the truck yard, TZ Route+ handles all of this with an easy to use interface without sacrificing any features.

TZ Route knows - without input from the dispatcher - when to notify the customer, when to update yard/on premises/ and shipment reports, when to pay the driver, when to bill the customer. Quick set up of truck/driver/payable party.  Eliminate yard checks with TZ Route+.