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TruckerZoom is the
All in One TMS purpose built for intermodal drayage trucking

TruckerZoom is a TMS powerhouse designed for intermodal drayage trucking companies to navigate through daily operations with unparalleled ease and velocity.

With a legacy of 15 years, each facet of our software has been strategically crafted, offering a toolkit for prompt, effortless task navigation and execution.

TruckerZoom promises a transportation management experience that is not only seamless but also exclusively efficient in a way only TruckerZoom can deliver.

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Why TruckerZoom TMS?

Say goodbye to drawn-out training sessions; with TruckerZoom, we've simplified the learning curve, ensuring you're up and running in no time.

Embrace a smoother, more efficient, and cost effective TMS with TruckerZoom!

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Effortless Navigation with TruckerZoom's Intuitive Interface

The TZ platform ensures you find the data you need in mere moments without navigating away from your current task. View essential work order details faster and with fewer clicks compared to other TMS solutions. TruckerZoom's interface isn't just user-friendly—it's designed for the swift pace of intermodal drayage, making your operations smoother and more efficient.

Better Workflow: Streamlining Your Operations

Embrace a workflow that doesn’t just work—it excels!

Effortless Work Order Creation
Swift Driver Dispatch
Simple Leg Creation
Instant Stops Data Posting
Unified Page Sequencing; Upload j1s, generate invoices, and more, all from a single interface
Integrated Reporting; Mission stops auto-sync with work order reports and yard inventories, ensuring a comprehensive view of your operations
unparalleled feature rich transportation management system
Features purpose built for Intermodal Drayage Trucking

A TMS that’s more than just feature-rich – it's TruckerZoom, designed for the modern demands of intermodal drayage.

Mobile driver app includes financials
Video chat and file sharing through advanced scanning solution
Detailed bookkeeping,
Quote engine
Customer facing features (retrieve quotes, track shipments)
Top-Tier TMS, Without the Top Price

TruckerZoom is a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Enjoy superior functionality and efficiency, without the excessive price tag.

seamless onboarding of your drivers
Seamless Onboarding

TruckerZoom stands alone as the ONLY TMS with automated sign-up. Dive in instantly without sales calls or demos and enjoy a 30-day free trial.

Lightening Fast speed

At the heart of TruckerZoom is our commitment to speed. We proudly feature the fastest loading TMS in the industry, ensuring you can access and utilize our system without unnecessary delay. This exceptional speed allows for an efficient workflow, essential for the fast-paced environment of drayage transport management.

Automated Dispatch

TruckerZoom's Automated Dispatch, an AI-native solution crafted for the intricate world of intermodal drayage. Our dispatch tool proactively guides, suggests, and optimizes dispatch decisions, ensuring maximum efficiency and accuracy at the click of a button.