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TruckerZoom: Intermodal Drayage Transportation Management Software

The Complete TMS for Intermodal Trucking and Container Drayage Operations

TruckerZoom is the first fully featured Transportation Management Software and Business Management Tool purpose built for the intermodal drayage trucking industry.

Explore the TMS

A fully featured, seamless and intuitive TMS

Efficient workflows & tools crafted by industry experts

TruckerZoom is designed with dispatchers, drivers, and customers in mind.
Each feature has been carefully developed on the fastest loading cloud platform in the industry.

Automated Workflows

An entire digitized workflow that provides transparency, productivity and data driven decision making.

Automated Workflows

TZ App for Drivers

Onboard your drivers quickly with the TZ  App. The TZ App helps them stay organized & have access to the details.

Onboard Drivers Quickly

AI-Dispatch Assist

Performance based driver selection. Keep drivers, customers, and dispatchers happy with a click of button.

AI-Dispatch Assist
Dispatch Management From Anywhere

Automated Workflows-Dispatch Management

Dispatch Management From Anywhere

With TruckerZoom complete automated workflows like automated rail billing and empty container release, ETA tracer, and on-demand maps with real-time location data—all in the TruckerZoom dispatcher dashboard.

TruckerZoom TMS
AI Native TMS Software

TruckerZoom TMS does all the heavy lifting, so you can concentrate on what matters

Seamlessly manage your work orders and invoices on the road or in the office with the TruckerZoom Mobile App

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Integrate through EDI.

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TruckerZoom has all of the essentials your drayage trucking business needs. Quote Engine, HERE, Google Maps, Toll Smart, Rail Inc,

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truckerzoom intermodal drayage quote enginequote engine

Powered by the latest cloud technology TruckerZoom TMS software is the fastest loading in the Drayage industry.

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TZ Mobile App

Onboard your truckers quickly with the TZ App

TruckerZoom Mobile App

TruckerZoom’s companion app allows for seamless communication between dispatcher and truck driver for easy collaboration.

Built upon the most advanced cloud technology your drivers will get instant updates from dispatch.

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